Action Committee and Campaign Leaders

suncity’s Action Committees represent areas suncity feels all physicians-in-training should value as vital in becoming a socially responsible physician and healer. They promote their particular areas of interest and associated projects to suncity members on national, regional and local levels and are integral in helping suncity maintain its dynamic view of medicine amidst tremendous and rapid change.

  • Chair –
  • Economic Justice Coordinator
  • Opiates and Addiction Coordinator
  • Primary Care and Preventative Medicine Coordinator
  • Chair –
  • Climate Change Coordinator
  • Sustainable Medicine Coordinator
  • Chair, Gender and Sexuality –
  • LGBTQ+ Health Coordinator
  • LGBTQ+ Programming Coordinator
  • Sexual Health Coordinator
  • Reproductive Justice Coordinator
  • Chair, Global Health –
  • Advocacy Coordinator
  • Programming Coordinator


  • Chair, Health Policy Team –
  • Environmental Justice Policy Coordinator –
  • Gender & Sexuality Policy Coordinator
  • Global Health Policy Coordinator
  • Health Equity Coordinator
  • Chair
  • Advocacy Coordinator
  • Programming Coordinator
  • Research Coordinator –
  • Chair,
  • Health Equity Coordinator
  • Immigrant and Migrant Health Coordinator
  • Chair
  • Advocacy Coordinator
  • Programming Coordinator
  • AIDS Advocacy Network Chair
  • Health Care for All Chair
  • Just Medicine Chair
  • Med Out the Vote Chair
  • Med Students for Gun Safety Chair

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