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  • Advocacy
    • Participate in
    • Support National Stand SAFE Day
    • Rally for Gun Violence Research with Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords
    • Lobbying for improved medical education on the issues of gun violence
  • Education
    • Develop comprehensive Gun Violence Prevention education in medical schools
    • Gun Violence Prevention Institute: COMING SOON!
  • 2021 Firearm Safety Medical School Curriculum Guide
    • Use this curriculum guide to make change at your school! We’ve included lessons learned and useful resources from real-life, successful curriculum updates in this up-to-date guide.
    • Have your own success story to share? Email to tell us about your own efforts to integrate gun violence prevention into your school’s curriculum. We’ll update the guide in future years!
  • White Coat Pocket Cards
    • Reference these for a more effortless, less intimidating, and more productive conversation with your patients about their gun safety.
      • Print your own White Coat Pocket Card! &
  • Fact Sheets
  • , and
  • Tips for speaking with your elected officials about gun violence prevention legislation:
    • Find contact info for your U.S. Senators and Representatives here – (Link includes both in-district and Washington DC office info)
    • Tips for Speaking about Gun Violence Prevention (GVP)
    • Take a look at our Legislative Backgrounders on current Senators and Representatives to see how they’ve voted in the past on previous legislation. This can help shape your conversation and help you develop your “ask!”

2020 Legislative Tracker (Senate)

2020 Legislative Tracker (House)

  • Helpful preventing gun violence resources from other organizations:
  • Ongoing research programs: ,
  • For a list of state-specific organizations you could partner with, check out
  • For national advocacy efforts, check out , and

Check out some student resource sheets for more information:

Special thanks to our partners at SAFE and Columbia University Gun Violence Action Committee

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